How To Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue

By Ammarrauf01

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue. In this article, you will get to know what is Discord, why I can’t hear anyone on Discord and how to fix Discord can’t hear anyone issue.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP. It is used across the globe primarily by gamers. You can make custom rooms for yourselves, in which you will be able to communicate with each other without any interference and disturbance from another person. You can also share texts, images, and videos in Discord.

Like many other apps and programs, it also has bugs and errors. Many users have reported that have encountered an issue where they can’t hear anyone. Here, we will troubleshoot this issue.

Why I Can’t Hear Anyone On Discord?

This issue can be caused by various reasons, some of them can be:

1.Headphone is not set as a default communication device.
2.Your computer hardware is not compatible with the latest audio subsystem of Discord.
3.If the input and output devices are not properly set.
4.Volume in Discord can be muted.
5.Discord app can be corrupted.

How To Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue:

Method 1 – Check If The Volume Of Discord:

Volume in your computer and Discord are different. If your computer is not muted and Discord is muted, then you will not be able to hear the voices of others.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic1

Method 2 – Check Speakers And Headphones:

Check if the speakers and headphones are working fine or not. Play a song from your storage or YouTube. If speakers and headphones are fine, then the problem is related to Discord. Restart the app to check, if the problem is solved or not.

Method 3 – Set The Headphones As the Default Communication Device:

Not setting your headphones as a default communication device can cause this issue. To set the headphones or other audio devices as a default communication device, follow the steps:

1.Type audio devices in the Windows search bar.
2.Select the appropriate option.
3.In the Playback tab and the Recording tab, right-click on the white part in the select a recording/playback device below to modify its settings section.
4.See if the Show Disabled Device and Show Disconnected Device options are checked.
5.If not, then check them.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic2

6.Now, right-click on the audio device.
7.Select the Set as Default Device and again right-click.
8.Click on the Set as Default Communication Device option.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic3

9.Click on Apply and OK to save the changes.
10.Now, check if still you can’t hear anyone in Discord.

Method 4 – Use The Legacy Audio Subsystem:

If your hardware is not compatible with the Discord’s latest audio subsystem, then this method will fix your problem. To enable the Legacy Audio Subsystem in Discord:

1.Open Discord.
2.Open the User settings. (a small gear icon on the lower-left corner beside your user name).
3.Select the Voice & Video option in the APP SETTINGS section.
4.Now, scroll down and locate the AUDIO SUBSYSTEM option.
5.Click on the drop-down menu.
6.Select the Legacy option.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic4

7.Select the Okay option on the pop-up dialogue.
8.Discord will now restart automatically.

Method 5 – Set The Proper Input And Output Devices In Discord:

When input and output devices are not set correctly, then you can’t hear people in Chrome. Set the correct input or output devices in Discord and the issue should be resolved.

To set the input or output devices in Discord:

1.Open Discord.
2.Again select the Voice & Video option (follow Solution 4).
4.Click on the drop-down menu of the input and output device.
5.Select the appropriate device.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic5

6.Finally, restart Discord.

Method 6 – Reinstall Discord:

If no solution worked, then reinstall DIscord. The app may be corrupted or outdated. To uninstall Discord:

1.Open the Run utility by pressing the Windows + R keys.
2.Type appwiz.cpl
3.Press Enter.
4.Programs and features console will open on your screen.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic6

5.Locate Discord and right-click on it.
6.Select the Uninstall option.
7.Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.

Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue - pic7

After this, visit the official website and download it again. Install the app and check if the problem continues.

Method 7 – Use Web Version Of Discord:

After trying out all the solutions, if the issue still persists, then try out Discord on the web. Log in to your Discord account on the website and you are good to go.