How to Fix Driver PNP Watchdog Error

By Ammarrauf01

How to Fix Driver PNP Watchdog Error. In this article, you will learn methods to fix Driver PNP Watchdog error. Many Windows users experience “Driver PNP Watchdog Error”. This error occurs while installing Windows update or upgrading older Windows to Windows 10. In this error, the update gets frozen during the process.

Outdated drivers, damaged PC registry, viruses or malware or faulty hard drive can be a reason behind the Driver PNP Watchdog error. Eventually, the user is unable to install the important updates.

How to Fix Driver PNP Watchdog Error?

Method 1 – Remove Problematic Registry Entries:

The Windows 10 watchdog error can be solved by removing the registry entries creating the problem. Follow the steps:

1.Press Windows Key + R.
2.Type “regedit”.
3.Press “Enter” button.
5.Eliminate the below-mentioned entries
6.Restart your PC.
7.This method works only for older OS and does not work in Windows 10.

Method 2 – Re-register The Needed Components:

To re-register the components required for the watchdog registry:

1.Start your Search for “command prompt” as administrator.
2.Input the following commands.

How to Solve Driver PNP Watchdog Error - pic1

3.Press Enter button after each command For Driver PNP Error.
4.Then exit and reboot PC.

Method 3 – Permit VSS Copy:

1.Visit control panel.
2.Modify the view type to “Icons”.
3.Select “Administrative Tools”.
4.Go to the “Services” tab.
5.Double click the “Volume Shadow Copy” service present at the bottom of the window.
6.Press “Startup type” menu.
7.Choose “Automatic”.
8.Confirm it by pressing OK button.

Method 4 – Rerun Windows update:

Windows update might get disrupted by the background process. This will create the Driver PNP Watchdog error. To solve the issue rerun the Windows update. To do so:

1.Press the start button.
2.Write settings in the Windows search bar.
3.Choose update and security menu.
4.In the windows update screen, check for recommended updates and install needed updates
5.After that restart your PC.

Method 5 – Delete the Conflicting file:

Use this method when the error message occurs when you are installing software via InstallShield.

1.Go to C:\Program files\common files\InstallShield\Professional\Runtime\ISProbe.tlb
2.Then remove ISProbe.tlb file.
3.You will view hidden folders and files to identify the file.
4.Open “control panel” & click “folder options”.
5.In the window page, select tab ‘View’.
6.Select the option “Show hidden folders, files and drivers”.