How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue

By Ammarrauf01

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue. In this article, you will get to know how to fix the YouTube comment not loading problem. People can comment on their reviews and thoughts under the YouTube videos. Sometimes, it is great fun than the actual content. Many of us are greatly entertained by reading the comment section. It tells us the accuracy and nature of the content. It can be very annoying if the YouTube comments didn’t load. Here, I have mentioned some methods to solve the YouTube comments not loading issue.

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue?

Method 1 – Refresh The Page:

If the YouTube comment section doesn’t load and keeps lagging, then try to refresh the page. Press the Reload Button ( ↻ ) on the top left of the browser.

You can also reload the page by pressing F5 or Ctrl+Shift+r buttons from the keyboard.

If you are using YouTube on mobile, then just dragged the page downwards to refresh the page.

Method 2 – Check Internet Connection:

A stable internet connection is required to make YouTube works perfectly. If you find that the YouTube comments are not loading, check the internet connection speed. Run a speed test of your connection

If you are using mobile data, then Turn On Airplane Mode and then disable the aeroplane mode to refresh the network.

Method 3 – Clear Browser Cache:

A corrupted cache can also be the reason for the YouTube comments, not loading issue. Clear the browser cache and see if the issue is fixed or not. To clear the cache on Chrome:

1.Launch Chrome.
2.Press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys to open the Clear browsing data box.
3.Click on the Advanced option.
4.Set the Time Range to All.

Method 4 – Run YouTube In Private Window:

Try to open YouTube in the Private or Incognito window of your browser. To open an incognito window in Google Chrome, Opera & Microsoft Edge:

1.Press Ctrl + Shift + N from the keyboard.
2.On Mozilla Firefox, press the Ctrl + Shift + P keys.

Method 5 – Clear App Cache:

If you are facing the YouTube comments not loading issue in the YouTube app, then try to clear the app cache. To do so:

1.Long press the YouTube icon on the home screen.
2.Click on the App info option.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic1

3.Now, click on the Clear data option.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic2

4.Select the Clear cache option from the pop-up menu.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic3

Method 6 – Disable The Extensions That Is Causing The Problem:

The extensions that you add in the browsers can also cause this issue. To fix the issue, disable all the extensions in the browser and check if the problem gets fixed or not.

To disable extensions on Google Chrome:

1.Open Google Chrome.
2.Click on the three-dot menu icon.
3.Choose the More Tools option from the menu.
4.Click on the Extensions options.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic4

5.Click on the toggle beside the extensions to disable them.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic5

To disable the extensions on Firefox:

1.Open your browser.
2.Press Ctrl + Shift + A to open the add-ons menu.
3.Now turn the toggle off for all the extensions.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Issue - pic6

Disable the extensions one by one and check if the problem is fixed. In this way, you will be able to find the problematic extension. After finding the particular extension, remove it from the browser.