How To Print Only Black

By Ammarrauf01

How To Print Only Black. In this article, you will read how to print with one cartridge when it’s empty and how to print black and white on a Hp printer. Owning a colour printer is great, but what if you only want a black and white print? We will solve your problem.

How To Print With One Cartridge When It’s Empty?

You can easily print documents with one cartridge. Some Hp printers have a feature to print copies with empty cartridges. Here are some options by which you can print with empty cartridges on a Hp printer.

Some models of Hp printers can print with empty or fewer cartridges.

178,364, 564, 655, 862, 902-920, 934, and 935 ink cartridges allow you to print with one or more empty cartridges. It also notifies you every time to replace the cartridge.

932, 933, 950,951-959, 962, and 969 ink cartridges do not allow printing with an empty cartridge.

21,22,27, 28, 56-67, 61/301, 63/302, 64/303, 65/304, 74,75, 92-98, 304, 305, and 901 ink cartridges allow users to use this feature.

Whenever you will remove a cartridge, the printer will show a message that you are using a Single cartridge. Tap Ok.

How To Print Black & White On A HP Printer?

If the cartridge is not empty, follow the instructions to enable the printing:

1.Tap on the Menu button from the printer’s control panel.
2.Select Service using the Navigation buttons.
3.PressEnter key.
4.Tap on the Restore Defaults option.
5.Press Enter key again.
6.Printer will get reset to its factory settings.

Now, you have to follow the below-given instructions to print only in black and white, while the cartridge is not empty.

For Windows:

1.Open the document you want to print.
2.Click on the Print option.
3.Next open Print Properties.
4.Select the Color tab option.
5.Choose to Print in grayscale.

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6.Click on the Apply and OK buttons to save the changes.
7.Close the window.
8.Start printing.

For Mac:

1.Open the file you want to print.
2.Choose the Print option or press Command + P keys to open the printing tab.
3.To access all the advance settings, click on Show Details.
4.Select the Preset drop down box and from the list.
5.Click on the Black & White / Black & White – Draft option.

How To Print Only Black - pic2

6.Now click on TextEdit drop down box.
7.Select the Paper Type/ Quality.
8.Expand the Color Options menu.
9.Select Color and click on the Grayscale option.
10.Choose the Grayscale Mode for high quality for high-quality printing & black cartridges only for basic printing.

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11.Again go to the Preset menu and expand the list.
12.Click on Save the preset and name it.
13.If you are using multiple printers, then apply these settings for all printers from the menu.
14.Click on Apply.

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