How to repair or rebuild BGA reballing machine

By Ammarrauf01

How to repair or rebuild BGA reballing machine. In the below video, you will see that, I am rebuilding my reballing machine without HMI and PLC. If your reballing machine is not working properly then there can be three problems:
• Power supply damage
• PLC fault

• HMI fault

hmi for bga rework station

China’s BGA machine manufacturers use their specific designed PLC and HMI, according to their machine model. These PLC and HMI are not available in the market. They are programmable but, their software program is also not available. So, to resolve this problem, I have used Temperature Controllers in the place of PLC and HMI.

If your HMI and PLC are damaged then use the temperature controllers in place of them. You can see the temperature controllers, relays, SSR and power supply in the making of the machine. Have a look that how, I have installed the temperature controllers, lower heaters, IR heaters, and upper heaters. All the temperature controllers are working properly in the video. Now, you can rebuild and fixed your reballing machine with great ease.

As it is a very lengthy procedure and topic, I can’t cover all that here. But, I am there for your help. If you ever need any help related to repairing, fixing and rebuilding of the reballing machine, you can talk about it with me on I will help you with any problem that you will face. Further, I will share the diagram of the circuit and installation of the temperature controllers, SSR, power supply, relays, all three heaters, and switches. With the help of this process, you can design your own reballing machine. All the items that are used in this procedure are easily available in the market and are not too costly.