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PEB 1 Expansion board

PEB 1 Expansion board for sale. We are selling expansion board for RT809F programmer. Through this board, you can easily reprogram the bios of your CE I/O. There is no need of removing the CE I/O chip. Just attach the PEB 1 Expansion board to the keyboard and you can install the new CE bios. It supports notebook IT8586E-IT8580E models such as EC. It also supports the support the notebook, computer motherboards commonly used 32/40/48 feet BIOS chips (29/39/49/50 series FWH/LPC / 8 bit / 16 bit NOR flash). It is connected with pin detection. It has a unique feature to identify the bios chip and also auto protect the short circuit. It has faster read and write speed. The PCB board for PEB 1 Expansion board to program all kind of super CE I/O will be soon available.

Package Include:-

1- PEB 1 Expansion Board (1 piece)
2- TSOP VSOP/SOP Simple Adapter Plate (1 piece)
3- IT85 Series Simple Adapter Plate (1 piece)
4- FPC Connectors (2 pieces)

Price: Rs 4,100

Contact # +923474115447

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