SOFI SP8-A Programmer Software Latest Version

By Ammarrauf01

SOFI SP8-A is a special type of programmer that is used for programming serial FLASH/EEPROM/SPI memories. SOFI SP8-A programmers are the latest version programmers with latest updates. It has built-in 32-bit high-speed processors and USB2.0 communication interfaces. It supports a high speed of programming and nearly all 24/25/93/BR90 chips. It possesses the unique function of ISP online programming. The SOFI SP8-A programmer is overtaking nearly all types of other programmers. SOFI SP8-A programmers are the highest speed programmers in the industry, quicker than general programmers and similar special programmers which are very costly. It has the intelligent pin detection which can effectively avoid any failure. The best thing is that you can now use the programmer offline. It means that there is no need for a computer connection. Only you will need the 5V adapter and it will start programming.


Features Of SOFI SP8-A Programmer:

● USB2.0 communication interfaces
● Small in size. (103x71x23mm) Easy to use and carry
● Chinese/English interface
● Supports WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win10 and both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.
● 32-bit high-speed processors.
● Supports 93/24/25/BR90 memories, and more chips with a software upgrade.
● Standard 40Pin locking beds with zero insertion force.
● Supports contact detection for pins, hence improving the reliability of programming
● Perfect over-current and ESD protection that protects against accidental damages of programmers and computer USB ports
● It automatically detects the position of chips and then starts programming
● Have the facility of offline programming: Now you can programme without connection to a computer.
● LED and buzzer present gives signals of success or failure
● It operates easily
● Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
● Provides self-detection for all devices