Difference Between Asus Laptop And Hp Laptop

By Ammarrauf01

Difference Between Asus Laptop And Hp Laptop. In this article, you will get to know about Asus laptop, Hp laptop, which laptop is better to use Asus or Hp, and a comparison between Asus laptop vs Hp laptop.

Difference Between Asus Laptop And Hp Laptop:

About Asus Laptop:

Asus is a famous and renowned brand when it comes to the manufacturing of laptops. It is a Taiwanese multinational computing company. This company was founded in 1989 as a computer reseller. In the initial days, it provides services for laptop repair and maintenance.

In the year 2010, Asus was the first computer company to be listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 2016, it has a market capitalization of US$31.5 billion.

Asus has various features in its laptops that make them a good competitor in the computer industry, like a backlit keyboard and touchpad, fast performance, and various ports. Their laptops are famous for their sleek, smart design and high-quality hardware. Asus laptops also offer long battery timing laptops as compared to the other laptops available in the market. The company offers various models of laptops, from the affordable range to the expensive ones. It all depends on your need and specification. You can easily find a perfect laptop.

About Hp Laptops:

Hp laptops are reliable and affordable. It is one of the known brands of laptop manufacturing in the world. The laptops are available in various designs and models. The most popular features of a Hp laptop have a long battery life, comfortable keyboards, and large screens.

Hp laptops have powerful processors, vibrant displays and can handle heavy workloads, that’s why it is chosen by many business professionals.

Comparison Between Asus Laptop Vs Hp Laptop:

Technical Comparison:

Asus laptops have a higher quality processor than Hp laptops.

Asus laptops have better graphics than Hp laptops.

Both Asus and Hp laptops have very similar central processing units.

Screen And Dispaly Comparison:

Both laptops offer a wide range of high-quality displays and screens. However, there is little difference between the screen of Asus and Hp laptops.

Asus has brighter displays, whereas Hp has more accurate colours. In short, the Asus laptops have the better quality displays and screens. This is because Asus uses higher-quality materials and a good manufacturing processes. In addition, Asus also provides high-resolution screens, which make multimedia files, movies, and videos more attractive and high-quality.

Design And Durability Comparison:

Both the Asus and Hp have laptops with top design, great build quality and commendable durability. However, there is little difference between them.

Asus laptops are lightweight and compact, as compared to Hp. Asus also has unique designs. However, Hp laptops are very well known for their robust build quality and long-lasting durability.

Gaming Comparison:

Asus are very popular for its sleek designs and high performance. It also offers powerful gaming laptops. Hp also offers high-performance laptops for students and businessmen. But, in terms of gaming Asus is at the top of the list. Asus ROG laptops are the best choices when it comes to gaming. Hp has also introduces its gaming laptop named Hp OMEN back in 2013. These laptops provide high performance and the latest technology.

Hp laptops have also high-end features, but Asus is the best choice. They also provide powerful hardware and better graphics. Hp laptops are the better choice for general usage.

Battery Comparison:

Asus laptops vs Hp laptops are the well-known brands for laptop manufacturing. They both offer a wide variety of features. But, when it comes to battery life, Asus win the game. It has better battery life than Hp laptops.

Price Comparison:

The price comparison between Asus laptops vs Hp laptops varies a lot. It totally depends on the model and specs that you want. However, Asus laptops are more affordable than Hp laptops.

Customer Support Comparison:

Asus and Hp are both well-known and popular companies. Both try their best to provide the best customer support to their buyers and customers. Asus provides more extended warranty-time, than Hp.

If we talk about the availability of 24/7 customer support, than Asus will win. It provides a live chat option, whereas, Hp provides traditional customer support, with the option of phone or email.