How To Change Audio Input In Windows 10. In this article, you will get to know about methods to change the audio input in Windows 10. You can choose the default audio input device in Windows 10. You can easily decide the input device by which the Windows should record the sound. This feature is very helpful for those people who have several plugged-in devices at the same time like web cameras, microphones, or Bluetooth headsets.

How To Change Audio Input In Windows 10?

Method 1 – Change From The Settings App:

1.Right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar.
2.Select the Settings option from the pop-up menu.
3.After the Settings app opens, click on the System option.
4.Next, select the Sound option.
5.In the Input section, click on the ‘Choose your input device option’.
6.Then, select the device that you prefer.

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7.After this, your audio input device will get instantly switched to the one you selected.

Method 2 – Change From The Control Panel:

To change the default microphone or audio input device from the control panel, follow the steps:

1.Press the Windows key and type Control Panel in the search bar.
2.Select the top option in the search result.
3.There will be ‘View by:’ option on the upper right side of the screen, change it to Small icons.

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4.Now, locate and open the ‘Sound’ option.
5.Select the ‘Recording’ tab and right-click on the microphone device you have plugged in.
6.If the microphone isn’t showing, then right-click on the white area.
7.Check the ‘Show disabled device’ option.
8.Now your microphone should show up.
9.Right-click on your microphone and select the ‘Set as default device’ option.

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10.Finally, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

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