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How To Update Saved Password In Chrome

Update Saved Password In Chrome. In this article, you will get to know how to update saved passwords in Google Chrome. Here, you will find the way to update your password manually in the Google Chrome settings.

Google Chrome is the most used browser all around the world. It has not only convenient and valuable features, but also a user-friendly interface. Chrome comes with plenty of features. One of the most demanding and helpful features is the ability to save all the passwords. There is no need to remember them or write them somewhere. Now, saving passwords is as easy as ABC.

How To Update Saved Password In Chrome?

Chrome has a very unique feature of editing and saving passwords. Recalling the old days, the process of editing the password was very difficult. There was no specific option for editing the password. You can only update it by deleting the previous one and saving the new one. But, now there is a much better and improved feature for updating the passwords.

To edit Chrome saved passwords, follow the steps given below:

1.Open Chrome.
2.Click on the Menu button.
3.Select the Settings option.
4.Scroll down to the Autofill section.
5.Select the Passwords option.

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6.Navigate to the saved password you want to edit.
7.Click on the 3 dot menu button beside it.
8.Select the Edit password option.
9.A pop up will appear. It will ask you to enter the password of your logged-in Windows account.
10.Enter the correct password.
11.Click on OK.

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12.Now the Edit Password dialogue will appear.
13.Change the password to what you wanted.
14.You can also change the username of the account from here.
15.Click on the Save option to save the new password.

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So, the password you want to edit is updated. It is a very easy process to update saved passwords in Chrome.

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