How To Fix Sysmenu.Dll Error In Windows 10

By Ammarrauf01

Sysmenu.Dll Error In Windows 10. In this article, you will learn why Sysmenu.dll error occurs and how to fix Sysmenu.Dll Error in Windows 10. Sysmenu.dll error is a startup error that occurred in Windows 10. Many users have reported this error.

Why Sysmenu.dll Error Occurs?

Sysmenu.dll files in Windows 10 are used by different adware. It is responsible for unwanted apps on the internet. Whenever you try to run any antivirus, the adware gets removed. After removing adware, the Sysmenu.dll error occurs on the startup of Windows, as it cannot find the Sysmenu.dll file. So, it shows the error “There was a problem starting sysmenu.dll”, error in Windows 10″.

How To Fix Sysmenu.dll Error In Windows 10?

Here, I have mentioned step by step process to solve this issue. Follow the given steps and this startup error will get removed.

Step 1 – Remove The Adware:

The very first step is to remove the adware that uses Sysmenu.dll. By removing it, these types of errors will not be triggered in the future. It will also protect your privacy. You can use any adware cleaning app to remove the adware. I personally recommend using Adwcleaner by Malwarebytes.

Download the Adwcleaner. Run it and click on the scan button to scan the Pc. It will show you Adware, PUPs, PUMs, Unwanted Toolbars, Browser Hijackers, Crapware, and Crapware. Select the files that you want to delete and select the Clean option.

Step 2 – Use AutoRuns:

Now, remove Sysmenu.dll from the startup entries. You can do this by installing any AutoRuns tool. You can download this tool from Microsoft’s official website. The link is given below for downloading the AutoRun tool:

This AutoRun tool is a free app that will tell you the auto-start configurations of your PC. So that you can view all the processes, tasks, registry, and file system locations, whenever you start the Pc.

1.Select the Everything tab.
2.Locate the entries highlighted in yellow.
3.These highlighted entries are all missing files.
4.Locate the Sysmenu.dll entries among the yellow highlighted entries.
5.Right-click on them.
6.Select the Delete option.
7.Keep in mind to only delete the Sysmenu.dll files and not the other files. Otherwise, it can lead to boot issues.
9.Restart your PC.
10.Then, check if the “There was a problem starting sysmenu.dll” error reappears.

Step 3 – Run Disk Cleanup:

If you want to take extra care, there should not be any residual files of the adware left on your Pc. For this, you have to run the Disk Cleanup Tool. To do so:

1.Type Disk Cleanup in the Windows search bar.
2.Select the top result.
3.Disk Cleanup will get open.
4.Scan for junk files.
5.Check the files you want to delete in the ‘Files to delete’ section.
6.Click on OK.
7.Wait for Disk Cleanup to finish deleting the junk files.

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