How To Make Dell Charger

By Ammarrauf01

In this post, I will teach you how to make dell charger. All you have to need is DS2501 (EPROM) ic. It is easily avalilable from Laboneinside, ebay and aliexpress. This ic has three legs, two of them are in use and the third one is spare. First leg of the ic is called ground, second is known as data and the third leg is spare which is not connected to anything; as I had shown you in this picture. I use the wire that is mentioned in the first picture for my dc power supply in laptop checking. You can convert the chargers of Toshiba, Acer or Asus into Dell by making this cable that is connected to ic. And you can also use this ic in repairing of the Dell charger. When you will check the bios of Dell laptop , there will be mention that 90 watt charger is connected. Each laptop has different range of wattage. For example, Dell alienware laptop is of 220 watt and mostly laptops which are coming now a days are of 90 watt. The ic DS2501 which we are giving is of 90 watt.

DS2501 (EPROM) ic

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