Pc-USB Terminal Adapter for sale
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Pc-USB Terminal Adapter

Pc-USB Terminal Adapter for sale. This product is genuine and brand new. We have various range of laptop parts and accessories. Our prices are very modest and cheaper from market rates. We own different parts of various laptop models like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Apple, Asus, etc are available at very reasonable rates. If you require any laptop parts or accessories, do contact us.

This Pc-USB Terminal Adapter is a programmer to repair hard disk firmware. It is used to access and work with hard drive system area that is firmware. This package includes USB cable, two adapters and a programmer. You can install the bios of a hard disk with this device. The hard disk which cannot be detected through PC and laptop, the firmware of that hard disk is corrupted. That’s why it is unable to detect. You can easily reprogramme the defected hard disk through Pc-USB Terminal Adapter. You can also do hard disk health repair with Pc-USB Terminal Adapter.

It has the following features:
1. It determines the errors and diagnoses the hard disk operation reading terminal.

2. It has the ability to fix the firmware errors. But, it is not limited to brick LED drive (CC), 0GB capacity (translator), up to a bug, etc.

3. It tests, processes and fresh the Seagate hard drives. Also runs Seagate self-test.

4. It also checks the compatibility of a board and barracuda Seagate hard drives.

5. It determines the advance data recovery, forensics, diagnostics and repair the professional devices like PC-3000.

The delivery method is cash on delivery. The delivery is done all over Pakistan. You will get your parcel as soon as possible after placing the order.


Price: Rs 1800
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