Prevent Firefox From Updating Automatically

Prevent Firefox From Updating Automatically. In this article, you will read how to prevent Firefox from updating automatically. When you install any app or a web browser, it is for sure that you will receive updates automatically to keep your app updated. Firefox has also this special background feature that will update the browser itself to its latest version whenever available. You can stop the automatic update feature in Firefox by disabling it. It is recommended to keep Firefox up-to-date and enjoy its unique features. Here is the easiest way how to prevent Firefox from updating.

How To Prevent Firefox From Updating Automatically?

There are three methods to perform this task by which you can disable the automatic update option in Firefox.

Procedure 1:

1.Open ‘Firefox’ browser.
2.Click on ‘Menu’ button or three parallel lines at the top right corner.
3.Go to ‘Options’.

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4.On the ‘General’ tab scroll down.
5.Reach the ‘Firefox Updates’ section.

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6.Here you can see ‘Allow Firefox to’ with five different settings.
7.Uncheck ‘Automatically install updates (recommended)’.
8.Uncheck ‘Check for updates but let you choose to install them’ as desired.
8.Check ‘Never check for updates (not recommended)’.
9.Uncheck ‘Use a background service to install updates’.
10.Uncheck ‘Automatically updating search engines’.
11.It will turn off Firefox updates.
12.Close the page and restart Firefox.
13.It will turn off Firefox automatic updates.

Procedure 2:

1.Open ‘Firefox’.
2.Click on the address bar and type ‘about:config’.
3.Press ‘Enter’.
4.It will ask for confirmation.
5.You have to read it carefully, accept it and proceed.
6.Now, you can see a list of settings on the page.
7.Type ‘’ in the search box.
8.It will shortlist the preferred name.

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9.This will alter its Value to ‘false’.
10.Now, you have disabled Firefox auto updates.

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If you want to disable the automatic again, repeat the above steps and double-click the same. The Value will turn to ‘true’. Now, the browser will update automatically.

Procedure 3:

There is another way to disable the Firefox auto-update feature. Follow the steps:

1.Open Windows Explorer
2.Type ‘%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox’ on the address bar
3.Press ‘Enter’
4.It will take you to the Firefox directory.
5.Search ‘prefs.js’
6.Right click on ‘prefs.js’ file
7.Select ‘Edit’
8.Look for ‘user_pref(“”, false)’ and ‘user_pref(“”, true)’
9.If the ‘true’ is written in it, you have to turn it to ‘false’.
10.The automatic update will be disabled in Firefox.