best thermal past for gpu temperature

Thermal Paste for laptop and pc for sale. You can buy three types of thermal paste from us. The best one is Cooler Master and other two are simple ones. By using good quality of thermal paste the temperature of your laptop stays in control and this will give you the high performance of the CPU/GPU.
If you are not a laptop expert and don’t know what thermal paste is used for; here you will get to know. Thermal is the lubricant of a laptop to low down the temperature; through which your laptop do an efficient and good performance. After every 6 to 7 months, you will have to service your laptop and reapply the new thermal paste as it had gone dry.


– The 1st thermal paste in the picture is of RUPEES- 100.
– The 2nd thermal paste in the picture is of RUPEES – 350.
– The 3rd thermal paste in the picture is of RUPEES – 250.

These thermal paste are available at Cash On Delivery. The delivery charges are 250 rupees. If you want some other thermal paste, you can tell us. We will try to get your desired thermal paste.

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