Change Chrome Search Bar From Black To White

Change Chrome Search Bar From Black To White. In this article, you will read the reason for the black Chrome search bar and how to change the colour of the Google Chrome search bar. Google Chrome is the most popular browser all over the world. It has many features and bugs too. Many users have reported that their Google Chrome search bar has turned black from white.

Reasons For Black Chrome Search Bar:

There can be various causes for this issue: Some of them are:

-Black theme of Google Chrome.
-Changes in Windows 10 app mode.
-Corrupted Google Chrome.

How To Change Chrome Search Bar From Black To White?

Method 1 – Remove Chrome Themes:

The first and foremost solution is that change the Google Chrome theme to the classic one. Chrome themes are known to trigger such bugs. Remove any kind of theme. It will bring back the white search bar. To remove Chrome Theme, click the link.

Method 2 – Change the Windows 10 App Mode:

There is a feature in Windows 10, that you can choose light and dark app mode. It can cause the black Chrome search bar, if you have chosen the dark app mode. Change the app mode to Light to get rid of the black Google search bug. To do so:

1.Right-click on the start menu.
2.Select the Settings option from the pop-up menu.
3.Select the Personalization option.
4.Click on the Colors option.
5.Select the Custom option in the Choose your color drop-down menu.
6.Select the Light option in the Choose your default app mode section.

Change Chrome Search Bar From Black To White - pic1

7.Restart Chrome.

Method 3 – Reinstall Chrome:

This issue can also be caused by the corrupted Google Chrome. Reinstalling can fix the error. To reinstall the Chrome:

1.Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
2.Type appwiz.cpl
3.Press Enter to open the Programs and Features panel.
4.Locate the Google Chrome app.
5.Right-click on it.
6.Select the Uninstall option and follow the instructions to finish the process.

Change Chrome Search Bar From Black To White - pic2

7.Then, visit Google Chrome official website to download the installer.
8.Reinstall Google Chrome.
9.Check if the issue has been fixed.