Fix Windows 10 Blurry Icons Issue

By Ammarrauf01

Fix Windows 10 Blurry Icons. In this article, you will get to know why do desktop icons get blurry in Windows 10 and how to fix Windows 10 blurry icons issue. Many times there is a scaling problem for high-resolution screens in Windows 10. Due to the broken scaling, the icons on the desktop get blurred and it is very difficult to work on the blurred screen. But, don’t worry, we will troubleshoot the pixelated screen in Windows 10

Why Do Desktop Icons Get Blurry In Windows 10?

The blurry screen is due to the wrong scaling of the screen. But, there are also many other reasons for this issue:

-Resolution is not set correctly.
-Faulty and corrupted GPU drivers.
-High DPI setting.
-Windows is outdated and corrupted.

How To Fix Windows 10 Blurry Icons Issue?

Method 1 – Set To Recommended Resolution:

When the resolution is not set as recommended, you can face blurry icons or pixelated screen in Windows 10. So, by changing the resolution to the recommended one can fix the issue. To do so:

1.Right-click on your desktop.
2.Then click on the Display settings option from the pop-up menu on your screen.
3.Locate the Resolution option in the Scale and Layout section.
4.Click on the downward arrow.
5.Choose the resolution value that has Recommended written next to it.

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6.Click on the Keep changes option from the pop-up box.

If your resolution is already set to the recommended resolution, then do not change it to any other resolution.

Method 2 – Install New GPU Drivers:

Sometimes this issue can also occur due to faulty or corrupted GPU drivers. They can cause many display related issues. To solve this problem, you have to install the latest version of GPU drivers for your computer. To install the latest GPU drivers, follow the below-given steps:

1.Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
2.Type devmgmt.msc and click on OK.
3.Windows Device Manager will open on the screen.

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4.Locate the GPU driver and right-click on it.
5.Click on the Properties option from the pop-up menu.
6.Then, select the Details tab and change the Property to Hardware Ids.
7.Copy the first value given and paste it onto the web address bar.

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Now, after seeing the GPU details, visit any of the websites to download the latest drivers.


Method 3 – Change The DPI Size:

When DPI is set to a higher level, then icons become blurry. Normally, it is set at 100%. But, it can become a problem for high-resolution monitors. Because the elements in the interface will become so small that it will be hard to recognize anything. If you face this issue in a standard monitor, then changing the DPI to 100% can fix the issue. To change the DPI:

1.Open the Display Settings following Solution 1.
2.Scroll down to Scale and layout section.
3.Click on the Change the size of text, apps, and other items option.
4.Select the Recommended option.

5.Now, click on the Advanced scaling settings just below the DPI settings.
6.Turn on the Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry toggle.

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If the desktop icons blurry in Windows 10 issue is caused by the high DPI, then it can be fixed by trying this method.

Method 4 – Change The Visual Effects Settings:

This problem can be fixed by changing the Visual effects settings to Best performance. To change the settings, follow the steps given below:

1.Type View advanced system settings in the Windows search bar and select the appropriate option.
2.Click the Settings option in the Performance section. It will open the Performance Options on your screen.
3.Select the Adjust for best performance option in the Visual effects tab.
4.Finally, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

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Method 5 – Update Windows:

Outdated firmware can cause the pixelated screen in Windows 10 issue. So, updating Windows can fix the issue. To update the Windows:

1.Type Check for updates in the Windows search bar.
2.Select the appropriate option.
3.Click on the Check for updates option.
4.Windows will now check if any update is available.
5.Then download it automatically.
6.Make sure the internet connection is turned on.
7.When the update is finished, restart the computer to check if the problem is solved.

Method 6 – Reset Your computer:

If none of the solutions works, then try resetting Windows. It will fix all the disabilities happening in your system. To rest the Windows:

1.Type, Reset this PC in the Windows search bar.
2.Select the appropriate option.
3.In the Reset this PC section, click on the Get started option.

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4.Now, follow the instructions on your screen.
5.Wait for Windows to reset back to factory settings.

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