Laptop Internal Hard Disk Non Detection Solution

By Ammarrauf01

Internal hard disk non detection solution. In this process, I will give you the solution of how to solve the laptop internal hard disk non detection problem. In this issue the primary drive didn’t show up. Many time happens that after changing the hard disk, the problem still lies there. This problem occurs when there is fault in the PCH. Very few people can resolve this problem because it needs a great reballing skills. This procedure is also very tough and expensive, as the repairer need a reballing machine and a new PCH because the issue is in the motherboard.
Many people have requested me to tell the solution for this issue. So, I have a shared a process which is not very cheap but also easy and fast. The process which I ave shared in the below video also didn’t need a professional reballing skills.

Some important things, you will need are;

  • External hard disk case or adapter with 3.0 port.
  • Bootable Windows USB 3.0
  • A laptop which has 3.0 USB port

Point to ponder:
After the completion of the windows installation process, you can also use laptop with 2.0 port. Because, old laptops have 2.0 port.(But, first you have to install windows on external hard disk with the help of 3.0 port laptop and after that use it on the 2.0 port laptop). If you have the latest laptop with 3.0 port then there is no need to install windows first.