USB Soldering Iron

By Ammarrauf01

USB Soldering Iron for sale. We are selling USB soldering on very decent price. This soldering iron has very high efficiency. You can use it with a power bank or either with your laptop. It get heated in just 5 seconds after plugging in. This USB soldering iron get automatically turned off, if you are not using it. It means when you will not use the soldering iron for about 20 seconds, it will turned off on its own with the help of the sensor. As soon as you will touch it, it will restart again.
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Features :-

• Input: USB 5V
• Power: 8W
• Tip: Long Life
• LED Indicator: Yes
• Heating Time: 15 seconds
• Auto Shut Off: 25 second idle


Price:- Rs 1500

Contact:- +923474115447